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Valerie Hector: The Art Of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Up To Date Design And Style – E-book Review

Valerie Hector: The Art Of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Up To Date Design And Style - E-book Review

Valerie Hector’s The Artwork of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Modern day Layout (ISBN 0 8320 0307 eight) is an interesting combination of the historical and cultural analysis of assorted beadmaking traditions along with the presentation of operates by modern designers who were being motivated by these traditions.

There are actually a lot of guides on present day bead styles, as well as a lot of histories of beadmaking (which may go back up to 75,000 yrs, see

The reserve appears to be like at many ethnic and historical beadwork traditions:

Han Beadwork (Mainland China)

Ancient Japanese Beadwork

Kathi Beadwork (Guajarat State, India)

Sa’dan Toraja Beadwork (Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Straits Chinese Beadwork (Penang, Malaysia)

Kenyah Beadwork (Indonesian/Malaysian Borneo)

Ambai Island Beadwork (Indonesian New Guniea)

Historic Egyptian Beadwork

Yoruba Beadwork (Nigeria)

Maasai Beadwork (Kenya)

Dinka Beadwork (Sudan)

Xhosa Beadwork (South Africa)

Ndebele Beadwork (South Africa)

Msinga (Zulu) Beadwork (South Africa)

Seventeenth Century English Beadwork

J. M. van Selow Beadwork (1760s Germany)

Wiener Werkstauml;tte Beadwork (1920s Austria)

Funerary Beadwork (France)

Plains and Plateau Beadwork

Achomawi/Atsugewi Beadwork (California)

Huichol Beadwork (Mexico)

Chimu Beadwork (Peru)

Just about every chapter has a short description on the historic beading tradition, occasionally with fascinating anecdotes (I appreciated the a single with regard to the “bead trees” that beads supposedly originate from), followed by projects by present day bead artists determined by Just about every of those traditions. Each and every challenge is revealed with shots and detailed diagrams.

The general impact is among awe with the incredible creativeness with the human mind which includes turned these little objects into stunning and wonderful creations in a great number of cultures and a great number of intervals. Regardless of whether You aren’t thinking about recreating any in the types offered below, The Art of Beadwork is an interesting e book that you will most certainly return to many times.

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